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Chiara Camoni signs the poster for the 67th edition of the Festival dei Due Mondi

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The poster of the sixty-seventh edition of Festival dei Due Mondi is to signature of Chiara Camoni.

Chiara Camoni's practice-among the most prominent Italian artists of her generation-includes drawings, sculptures, videos, and installations, and comes mainly from from collective experiences. Since her studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts to Milan, Chiara Camoni has allowed art to penetrate every aspect of her life, or rather, she has transformed her life into a simultaneously communal and introspective art form. Drawing from to a tradition ranging from Arte Povera to craftsmanship, she makes artworks with natural materials (clay, wood, herbs, berries, flowers, wool) that she collects around to Fabbiano, the Tuscan village where she lives. The works are then manipulated through ritual gestures, connoted from a strong link with ancestral and archaic worlds, aimed to explore the relationship with the spiritual sphere.

Burning Sister, theopera depicted in the poster, was born on a small Greek island where the artist spent time in residence with her family and collaborators.

"For days and days I collected flowers, leaves, seeds and seaweed. I strung them into long necklaces, which all together shaped a mysterious figure. On the last night, in a breathtaking sunset, we set her on fire. The Burning Sister does not sacrifice herself in the fire, but on the contrary finds her highest realization in the fire itself. In the moment of destruction, she achieves her form. In this coexistence of opposites, of contradictions, my works are often placed. Beautiful and terrible at the same time."