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Gospel Night: from New York to Spoleto the Dream Gospel Voices for the Christmas concert of the Festival dei Due Mondi

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Once again this year, Festival dei Due Mondi dedicates a musical event to the city for the holiday season. On Saturday, December 16 at at 8 p.m. on the stage of the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti comes the great tradition of New York gospel music, with a performance by the choir Dream Gospel Voices. The U.S. ensemble combines the U.S. gospel tradition with overseas musical modernity for a program that includes classic spirituals, a medley dedicated to Christmas and contemporary arrangements of the most famous gospel songs, from Amazing Grace to OHappy Day. The singers of Dream Gospel Voices bring with them long experience from the ranks of the most prestigious choirs in Harlem, a New York neighborhood rich in history and culture that is a living testament to the strength of this musical tradition. This is where gospel singing found its voice, when African American communities gathered in churches to express their faith through music. A message that to Christmas gets even stronger.